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Innovation in the white fish industry

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Loppa is our compact gutting and cutting machine for white fish, specially designed for small fishing vessels.

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Folla is a gutting and cutting machine Havfront is currently developing, specially designed for onshore processing plants.

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  • Gutting machine
  • Gentle, easy and robust
  • High capacity
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  • High technical skill
  • Machinery drawings and calculations
  • We can be your go-to supplier
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Latest news

Three LOPPA machine delivered to Greenland

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See the movie of the worlds smallest gutting machine "LOPPA"

Havfront AS is a company with focus on innovation and development in the marine and maritime business, in a close cooperation with the business and the end users. The close cooperation we have with the business now shows its results. Havfront has together with the fishermen in Norway developed the worlds smallest gutting and cutting machine, the Loppa. We are ready for the market, and have excellent results from use onboard several ships

Havfront AS wants to become a reliable and important contributor for development in the white fish industry. We are now developing the Folla, a gutting and cutting machine for onshore processing plants. The Folla we are now developing in close cooperation with Brødrene Karlsen at Husøy in Senja, Norway.

Havfront AS can also offer 3D-modelling of your next gutting line together with your supplier of gutting lines. When you 3D-model a gutting line, you will much more easily see how the solutions can be as efficient as possible.

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